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eco-friendly linen service

Benefits of an Eco-Friendly Service Provider

“Eco-friendly” and “green” have, in recent decades, gone beyond being buzzwords in the corporate world. We are now seeing real systematic changes and strides toward making businesses sustainable. Of course, that is not to say we are “there” just yet.

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mat services

The Power of High-Quality Mat Services

When you think of powerful changes to make to your business, the last thing you’ll probably think of is starting a mat service. They might look nice and keep the floor cleaner, but how is a mat service better than the mat you have in the lobby now? 

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covid-19 response

A Message to Our Valued Customers

Tritex Services is here to support your business. Here is our response to COVID-19:

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embroidery services

Why Your Business Needs Embroidery Services

If you’re looking to take your company’s presence to the next level, professional embroidery services can do just that. While expertly made and maintained uniforms do wonders for business appearance, embroidery services add professionalism and contribute to company representation. 

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floor mats

How Your Business Benefits from a Mat Service

Mats are a fundamental element of safety for any business. If your business doesn’t have mats, or uses dirty or worn out mats, you’re taking unnecessary risks every single day. The right mat provider will supply the quality materials and services every business needs to ensure customer and employee safety. 

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How Tablecloths Impact Your Restaurant

There was a time in the history of dining that the mere thought of bare tables was inconceivable. They were too unfashionable, a faux pas!  Over time, as people started going out more regularly, the dining experience became more casual and commonplace. Commercial food businesses started reflecting this, and the scene transformed. Casual establishments became […]

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guide to our service area

Guide to Our Service Area

Are you looking for high-quality linens, uniforms, and/or facility services? You’ve come to the right place! Here at Tritex Services, we strive to give you all of the products your business needs to thrive while simultaneously making your job easier.

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simple inventory management

An Easy Guide to Our Simple Inventory Management System

Since 1989, Tritex has been serving the linen, uniform, and floor care needs of Tennessee, Alabama, and Georgia. We take pride in assisting our customers in finding customized solutions to the needs of their facility.

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slip-and-fall accidents

What are Slip-and-Fall Accidents?

Same-level slip-and-fall accidents account for 65% of all fall accidents with injuries ranging from bruises to broken bones to head injuries.

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Why Customer Service Still Matters

Technology has automated more and more of our everyday lives. At Tritex, we keep up with the latest advancements in linen and uniform technology. But there’s one thing we believe that technology will never be able to do better than a person: customer service.

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