Sani-Pro Hygienic Products and Service

There is no excuse for dirty, smelly, unsanitary restrooms in the workplace! It does not matter what kind of office you’re running – a penthouse office suite in a high rise, a downtown restaurant, or a busy little car repair shop. Your employees and your clients deserve clean restrooms at all times!

While the job of cleaning restrooms is definitely not for the squeamish, Tritex Services offers you a convenient way of restocking your bathroom supplies. Our Commercial Restroom Supplies are powered by Sani-Pro.

Sani-Pro Hygienic Products

Sani-Pro is our line of commercial restroom supplies that are highly sanitary and eco-friendly. Our products include:

A wide range of toilet paper supplies
Mats for sinks, urinals, and toilets
Antibacterial soaps
Hand sanitizers
Hand cleaners
Air fresheners
Maintenance of dispensers

On-time replacements and servicing

We have devised a system that makes sure your restrooms would never have to run out of toilet supplies with our timely and accurate scheduling system. We will come to you to replace your supplies just before they run out and way before you feel the need to call us.

Get our commercial restroom supplies today!

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Mats, Urinal Screens and Rim Hangers - Commercial Restroom Supplies

Restroom Mats, Urinal Screens and Rim Hangers

Sink, Toilet, Urinal Mats – Antimicrobial treated to help control odors.
Urinal Screens – Cotton Mist, Ocean Mist, Mango, Spiced Apple.
Rim Hangers – Cotton Mist, Ocean Mist, Mango, Spiced Apple.

Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue and Dispenser - Commercial Restroom Supplies

Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue and Dispenser

Jumbo Roll Bathroom Tissue 2 Ply
The dispenser allows you to only touch the tissue you use
Jumbo rolls need replacing less often, so less cost for labor and storage

Center Pull Towels and Dispensers - Commercial Restroom Supplies

Center Pull Towels and Dispensers

Standard Centerpull 2 Ply
Soft, lint resistant and absorbs 6 times its own weight
Bio-degradable, no more clogged drainsHardwound Centerpull 1 Ply
Natural Hardwound

Hand Soap Systems - Commercial Restroom Supplies

Hand Soap Systems

GreenFresh Antibacterial Soap – Formulated with moisturizers and conditioners
ClearFresh Hand Sanitizer – Formulated to kill 99.99% of germs that may cause illness
MOJO Hand Soap – Soy protein and conditioners for maximum skin protection

Air Freshener Systems - Commercial Restroom Supplies

Air Freshener Systems

F Matic Gel – Citrus, Mountain Mist, Grapefruit Slice.
Aerosol Metered Spray – Mango.
F1 – Mountain Breeze, Naturally Clean, Orange.