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Commercial Floor Mat Rental Services

Floor mats are often the first things we see when we enter a business. Therefore, having well-maintained floor mats for your business is very important. They contribute to the first impression of your business as well as help to advertise your business. Commercial floor mat rental services are a necessary part of any business because […]

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Quality Linen Services in Tennessee

Are you a local business looking for a high-quality linen service in Tennessee? You came to the right place. Tritex Services has your business covered. Currently, we service Huntsville and Ider in Alabama. Along with that, we provide service in most parts of Tennessee include Chattanooga, Knoxville, Nashville, Gatlinburg, Jasper, Lenoir City, Clarksville, Morristown, Selmer, […]

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6 Ways Our Towel Service Will Change Your Physical Therapy Office for the Better

Towel service is vital for any medical facility. Specifically, physical therapy offices require up-to-date high-quality towels at all times. Patients go through towels in lightning speed in physical therapy offices, and it is important to always keep the products stocked up. Having towels available at all times will benefit your business in having a professional […]

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Appalachian Mountains Guide

Tritex Services is proud to service the east side of the state of Tennessee. We travel down along the Appalachian Mountains, an amazing sight and trip to take for both locals and tourists alike. There are some fun activities to take part in near the Appalachian Mountains, and here are some of them as well as some […]

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Offering Customers A Look Ahead

Tritex is proud to announce after many months of hard work and planning a state of the art totally re-designed website created with our customers specifically in mind. Things have changed since the launch of our original design and we wanted to make our site faster, easier to navigate and more use friendly – plus give our customers the opportunity to have access to the most amount of information about our business 24/7.

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Cleaning Tips To Stop Germ Spread and Cross-Contamination

The scariest time of the year for a restaurant owner is Health Inspection Day. Every business owner keeps this date marked on their calendar with skulls and crossbones, counting down the days until the dreaded health inspector makes his guest appearance in their place of business. Health inspectors check every crevice, nook and cranny of a business […]

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OSHA Exit Door Requirements

In case of an emergency, an exit strategy is an important thing to have and regularly maintain. In case of an emergency, such as a fire or intruder, it is important to know where the exit doors are located for a quick escape. Are you prepared in case of an emergency in your place of business? Take […]

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How to Use Uniforms to Promote and Grow Your Business

Uniforms are useful in various industries in providing your business with protective cover as well as a means of advertising your business. Do you recognize a Target employee even when they are not working? Why do you think this is? The uniform of course! Those red shirts and khaki pants can be recognized even from far away. Uniforms […]

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Couple Looking through well designed menu

Restaurant Menu Design Tips

Have you ever looked at your menu as a method to advertise for your restaurant? Yes, these little sheets of paper are powerful objects and when they are utilized correctly, these objects can convince your customers to purchase any item you are trying to market. Menu design is an important but often overlooked aspect of a restaurant. […]

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