SIM Simple Inventory Management

We are the first textile provider in the states of Georgia, Alabama and Tennessee to introduce a customer-centered initiative.

Simple Inventory Management (SIM) is a program we created which provides our customers with assurance that all lost, damaged and worn-out inventory that occurs in the normal course of business will be covered/replaced and that there will be no setup fees, prep charges or emblem charges.

SIM is billed at a percentage of revenue for linens, uniforms and dust control products. SIM charges are systematically made on each invoice, offering the customer a consistent quality product, simplified invoices, no surprise charges and balanced billing year-round.

Consistent Quality ProductsSimplified InvoicesNo Surprise ChargesBalanced Billing Year-Round

These are some practices used by some of our customers, which cause wear and damage to the garments. We do not recommend that any of our customers try to wash any of our inventory to avoid damage on them

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