Toilet Rim Hangers

toilet rim hangers

Toilet rim hangers in your business’s bathroom keep them smelling great and customers content. Dirty toilets give your business a bad rap. Keep up with your toilet cleaning needs without taking time off your business. Do it all with help from Tritex’s toilet rim hangers!

Products for Commercial Restrooms

Keeping your toilets clean and fresh, even on your busiest days, is easy with Tritex toilet rim hangers:

Effortless Maintenance

Our toilet rim hangers allow your toilets to stay cleaner for longer! With powerful detergent capacities, our toilet rim hangers help your toilets stay clean, even through frequent use. Each flush helps prevent staining and buildup of off-putting odors in your toilets. Even when your team can’t keep up on your busier days, you can expect long-lasting freshness with less effort! You can focus on your business and your clients, not on the stench and condition of your restrooms.

Easy to Install and Replace

Proof of effortless maintenance, our toilet rim hangers are as easy to install as they are to replace! They don’t need any special mechanisms or tools – just hang them securely on one side of the bowl and you have the makings of a self-cleaning toilet bowl. Depending on the frequency of flushing, each toilet rim hanger can last weeks on end.

On-time Supply Replenishment by Tritex

Tritex eliminates your need to keep up with your own restroom supply inventory. Our on-time supply replenishment and easy-access customer line give you all the protection against supply shortage. Your restrooms will be fresh and clean, no matter how busy your days are. Tritex has your back!

Tritex Helps You Keep Up

Restroom upkeep is an integral part of customer retention. Let Tritex help you with that! Our restroom services and products help businesses like yours that are too busy to count each roll of toilet paper or bottle of hand soap.

With Tritex, you can freely focus on running your business, not on your restroom products because Tritex already has it covered! With the assurance of better products and accurate, on-time delivery, and a customer care policy that puts your needs above anything else, you’re in the best hands with Tritex.

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