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Secure a clean supply of bar towels with Tritex’s linen service.

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Tritex Provides Southern Restaurants with Bar Towels They Can Rely On

Since 1989, Tritex has remained the leading provider of bar towels to restaurants in Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, and the Carolinas. We have earned our place as an industry leader and a local partner to restaurants in need with high-quality products and services. Our bar towels stand out from competing brands because they are:

Absorbent and Durable

Bar towels need to be ready for any mess in a food service environment. This can mean cleaning anything from table surfaces to drink glasses without leaving residue behind. Tritex’s towels are highly absorbent and retain large amounts of liquid to make cleaning easy. Just a single towel will last for a long useful lifespan and retain its usability.


Tritex maintains the useful lifespan of all our products as part of our commercial laundry service. Our top-of-the-line laundry equipment and tracking technology ensure that no stains, rips, or other imperfections pass our notice. Our team of experienced industry professionals will handle every bar towel and ensure each returns to our clients as good as new!

Reliably In Stock

Upon every delivery, our route service representatives will keep an eye on your stock. This way, we can more accurately provide you with the products you need when you need them. Thanks to the reusable nature of our products, we are less affected by major supply chain concerns and can more reliably stock bar towels for our clients.

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Southern restaurants in need of bar towels should look no further than Tritex! Call us today at 1-888-761-3238 and a customer service representative will be happy to help you start your service. Interested in a free quote or our other products and services? Visit our website here for more information!

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