Business Message Mats

Message mats are beneficial in many ways. Some mats are just made to scrape off dirt; others are designed for anti-slip or anti-fatigue purposes. Tritex Message Mats are designed for a variety of things – serving your need for aesthetically pleasing and functional mats for your business.

Our Message Mats are designed for high slip resistance to help you avoid slip and fall accidents in your offices, shops, restaurants, or kitchens. These mats are also designed to help you maintain your floors effortlessly, by effectively trapping dirt and moisture.

Tritex offers ‘Message’ printing on the mats to serve your business purpose – messages, greetings, product placement, employee motivation, or maybe even to place specialized warnings and markers for different departments. Your message will be printed using a high quality digital printer made for supreme durability even in high traffic areas.

Business Message Mats

We have a variety of designs, color schemes, and themes available including messages in English as well as bilingual messages.

Our message themes include:

Drug Prevention
Place Mats

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