Patient Gowns and Laundry Services

When it comes to your patients’ comfort and peace of mind, take no gamble and leave nothing to chance. Get your patient gowns and laundry services from Tritex Services!

Tritex has been in the business of providing high-quality, dependable medical linen services since 1989.

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High-Quality Gowns

The right patient gowns make a whole lot of difference in your patients’ care experience. For their comfort, satisfaction, and safety, get your patient gowns only from Tritex. Our products have been checked and verified for quality of materials, accessibility, and wearer comfort as well as durability to withstand intense medical laundry procedures.

We offer a wide range of patient gowns for various areas in your facility and to accommodate different types of patients. Our selection includes:

  • Pediatric Gowns
  • Youth Gowns
  • Standard Gowns
  • Obese Gowns
  • IV Gowns
  •  Mammo Gowns

Laundry Services that Give You Peace of Mind

There are many causes for concern and uncertainty during a medical procedure or hospital stay. Don’t let the cleanliness and safety of patient gowns be one of them. Tritex Services addresses the uncertainties that come with medical garment care with professional, dependable laundry services.

Every aspect and every point of the laundry process, including handling, transportation, and storage, is deliberately designed to help bring out the cleanest, safest results, as well as protect the garments from cross-contamination.

With this level of cleanliness, plus dependable service that includes online deliveries, easy transactions, and comprehensive customer service that Tritex has always been known for, you can rest assured that we have your facility covered.

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