Give your restaurant a brand new look, elevated quickly and easily with the help of Tritex’s tablecloth rental service! Our high-end selection of table linens is all you need to boost the look of your restaurant and give your customers an entirely new depth in their dining experience!

Quality Tablecloth Options for Every Restaurant

Our fine selection of tablecloths is made of high-quality fabrics and comes in a range of sizes, shapes, and color options to match the look you’re aiming for in your restaurant:


 – 52” x 52”

 – 62” x 62”

 – 72” x 72”

 – 85” x 85”

 – 52” x 120”

 – 90” round

 – 120” round



 – Black

 – White


 – Seafoam

 – Maize

 – Dark Forest Green

 – Royal Blue

 – Purple

 – Sandalwood

 – Red

 – Chocolate

Working with Tritex

Tritex specializes in the provision and care of linens designed especially for restaurant use. We make sure that each item we offer you is made of exceptional quality fabric and is cared for in a process and facility designed for the food service industry.

We take special care in selecting the products we offer you, knowing full well how a simple change in tablecloths can change the whole look of your restaurant and contribute to the excellence of your diners’ experience.

Our tablecloths are selected for form and function. Not only do our tablecloths look great, but they are constructed and maintained with a quality that will last the demands of even your busiest days..

The Tritex Commitment

We pride ourselves in our wide experience in meeting the specific needs of the restaurant industry. With Tritex, you are guaranteed excellent results delivered in a timely, orderly, and convenient way. Your calls are taken promptly. Your concerns are responded to efficiently. And your needs are cared for to bring you satisfactory solutions in every step of the way.

Experience the Tritex brand of excellence today. Call us at 888-761-3238 to get started!