Microfiber Mops

microfiber mops

For an efficient, thorough method of mopping without the hassle of a bucket and strainer, microfiber mops are the solution. Microfiber mops provide ease of movement and surprising effectiveness against all kinds of debris. With ease of use and superior performance, microfiber mops will get the job done.

Unless you’re getting your mops from a reputable supplier like Tritex, they might not work as advertised. Microfiber mops from Tritex are expertly constructed with high-quality microfiber material for your peace of mind. 

Here’s what microfiber mops from Tritex can do for you: 

Superior Cleaning and Surface Contact

Quality microfiber is a very effective wiping fabric. Thanks to its engineering and physical properties, microfiber is far better equipped to handle a variety of cleaning tasks over its predecessors. 

No Chemicals Necessary 

Thanks to microfiber’s physical properties and unparalleled dirt-attraction capabilities, harsh chemicals are not required. Just add water and your Tritex microfiber mop is ready to go! This not only saves money, but also the noses of your staff and patrons. 

Quick Drying 

Because it uses a minimal amount of water, what it leaves behind is minimal. Compared to a standard wet mop, which uses considerable amounts of water, the difference is striking. 

Additional Layer of Material for Fluid Retention

Tritex takes as much into consideration as possible, and that includes limiting your trips to the faucet to rewet the microfiber mop. With an additional layer of microfiber for absorption, your mop stays active for longer and can handle any spill that it comes across. 

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