Restaurant Menu Design Tips

Couple Looking through well designed menu

Have you ever looked at your menu as a method to advertise for your restaurant? Yes, these little sheets of paper are powerful objects and when they are utilized correctly, these objects can convince your customers to purchase any item you are trying to market. Menu design is an important but often overlooked aspect of a restaurant.

  • Layout – Layout your menu in order for customers to focus on the food items you would want them to purchase more. Studies show that guests read menus left to right, therefore placing your more expensive items in this direction will draw attention towards them.
  • Grouping – Group your items into sections which will assist your guests in locating what they are looking for.
  • Omit Dollar Signs – Adding dollar signs intimidates guests and they are more likely to spend more when the dollar signs are omitted and there is simply a number next to the name of the item.
  • Color Code – Have a theme for your restaurant? Design the menu in accordance to the theme of the restaurant like warm colors for a bubbly environment, or cool colors for a calm atmosphere.

There is a sense of psychology when modeling a restaurant menu. Quality menus go a long way in increasing revenue and providing a professional and appealing view of your business.