How Professional Facility Service Protects Customers and Employees

Professional facility service protects customers and employees from a variety of issues that are easily avoided. In order to find the right facility service provider, it’s best to first understand the challenges that businesses without it. 

Here’s What Business’s Without Facility Service Look Like

There are several issues that arise when businesses don’t have access to quality facility service. Here are the worst three:

Bacteria and Illnesses Spread Easily

Without proper facility service, it is far easier for bacteria and illnesses to spread. Simple laundry often isn’t enough to take care of these harmful contaminants since it only usually applies to linens. There are countless surfaces in every business environment that could be contaminated. This is especially true without proper maintenance. This is by far the biggest risk staff and customers face in a business without facility service. 

Dust Reigns Free

One such unrestrained contaminant is dust. If the interior of a business gets too dusty, the quality of life for employees and customers occupying that space goes down. This has a noticeably negative effect on just about everyone in the building. However, this can even cause serious bodily harm to people with dust allergies, underlying medical conditions, or both.

Floors Become Dirty and Damaged

Dust, and several other materials, can make business floors dirty or even damaged if left unchecked for long enough. Floor repairs aren’t cheap and can even lead to slip-and-fall accidents, the consequences of which are also expensive. 

Tritex’s Professional Facility Service Protects Customers and Employees!

Tritex Services has been providing effective and affordable facility service since 1989. Here’s how our professional facility service protects customers and employees:

  • Masks and Hygienic Products: Tritex provides hand sanitizers and cleaners, antibacterial soaps, a wide range of toilet paper supplies, dispensers, air fresheners, and toilet rim hangers. We thoroughly test each for its ability to prevent the spread of bacteria and illnesses in your workspaces. We also provide KN95 and surgical masks that go the extra mile against airborne contaminants! 
  • Mat Service: We build mats with durable bristles that scrape dirt, grime, and other materials off people’s shoes and keep floors clean. We also maintain them ourselves to ensure their continued quality!
  • Mop Service: For what surfaces our mats don’t keep clean, our high-quality mops are primed and ready for anything. They remove dust, maintain floors, and we keep them stocked for our clients at all times. Stay protected against allergies, slip-and-fall accidents, and floor degradation with our industry-leading mops!

Contact Tritex Today!

Professional facility service protects customers and employees from bacteria, illness, dust, dirt, floor damage, and more! Start today with Tritex and maintain your business with our facility product solutions. Call us at (888) 761-3238 or drop us a line here for a free consultation.