How Corporate Uniforms Impact Your Customers

corporate uniforms

While good service is the core of your business, there are a few other things that you need for the success and growth of your brand: for example, your corporate uniforms.

Your corporate uniforms are the first step in creating a great first and lasting impression, and play a key role in transforming potential customers into actual ones.

How Corporate Uniforms Impact Your Customers

What kind of impact does your choice of corporate uniforms have on your customers, exactly?

Professional Appearance. Professionalism is a matter of action and performance, but that does not mean your employees can’t look the part! Customers have a more positive perception of employees in uniforms compared to those who are not. They are deemed more professional, more helpful and more trustworthy!

Distinctive Brand Personality. Your choice of corporate uniforms helps create an image for your employees and this image ultimately reflects on your brand. More than setting you apart from competition, this is an image that your customers respond to and is part of what they remember your business for.

Distinguishing Roles and Responsibilities. Aside from image and branding, corporate workwear can provide a distinguishable mark between different ranks, branches, and offices. Different types of corporate looks help customers identify more easily which employees can help with for different tasks.

The Value is in the Quality

Opting for corporate uniforms makes up only one-half of the equation. The other, perhaps more important choice to make is the kind, quality, and design of corporate uniforms to get for your brand. Here’s a quick checklist of things to keep in mind when making the big corporate workwear jump:

Design. Pick a design that represents your company and find ways to incorporate your brand’s signature in your look. It could be the simple addition of logo embroidery or using your logo’s colors.

Construction. Great designs fail if the construction is poor. Make sure you inspect seams, buttons, and stitching when choosing your corporate uniforms.

Materials. Aside from picking materials that are durable, pick materials that will match both the design of your uniforms and the look you are going for. You may also include the workplace aesthetic in picking the materials to ensure that your uniforms are comfortable and easy-to-wear in your workplace’s conditions.

Maintenance. Corporate uniforms need heavy-duty and efficient cleaning on account of both their aesthetic quality and the frequency of use. Get the best results by enrolling in a uniform laundry service that will make sure your corporate wear gets consistently good treatment at every wash!

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