3 Ways We’re Doing Our Part with Green Laundry

The most important environmental issue is one that is rarely mentioned, and that is the lack of a conservation ethic in our culture – Gaylord Nelson (Founder of Earth Day)

At Tritex, we believe that as private corporations and citizens of this planet, it’s our responsibility to take care of the earth.

So, we have made a full commitment to making our operations as eco-friendly as possible. Together with a team of environmental engineers and other companies in the laundry industry, we launched our Green Initiative in 2008 and made necessary improvements to our operations to lessen our negative impact on the planet. As Earth Day approaches, we would like to share with you how our efforts are impacting the planet in the hopes of inspiring other business owners to take the leap and make changes that will benefit not just us but the generations to come. Here are just a few ways we’re doing our part through green laundry!

1. Reduced Emissions With More Efficient Routes


We are saving 1,455 gallons of petroleum per year by reducing our delivery mileage by 16,000 miles per year. This and our effective adoption of a four-day work week have allowed us to reduce petrol consumption and our carbon dioxide emissions in great numbers.

2. Water Treatment Designed for Reduced Water Consumption and Carbon Footprint

saving water

Water is one of our planet’s most vital resources, and water is the heart of any discussion about green laundry. We are aware that there are close to one billion people across the globe that do not have access to clean water. While we do know that our linen and laundry operations could not function without water, and that our industry is one of the biggest consumers of water, Tritex is active in using our water sources efficiently and using as little as is possible without sacrificing the quality of cleanliness that we provide.

Our Heat Reclaim System and Tempered Water Tank allow us to efficiently collect our waste water and preheat our incoming city water. Coupled with our improved and optimized wash loads, adjusted water levels, and reduced loads processed, we have managed to save 63,650 therms per year on our natural gas use and 4,268,000 gallons of water per year. We have also reduced our carbon emissions by 185,328 pounds.

3. Reduced Waste Through Recycling


One of the biggest issues affecting our environment is our consumption of non-biodegradable materials that ultimately end up in and choke our landfills beyond capacity. To help reduce waste, our used mats that have gone beyond their lifespan don’t go into the landfill. We send them back to our partner mat manufacturer, Mountville Mills, to be ground up for use as boiler fillers.  

Eco-friendly solutions are an important investment, for which the return is a more livable, sustainable, and healthier planet for all of us. Happy Earth Day!