How a Commercial Laundry Service is Different from the Home Laundry Process

commercial laundry service

The concept of ‘commercial laundry service’ still appears daunting for many business owners despite being one of the most effective ways to get quality clean linens for businesses.

For these non-believers, where an in-house industrial laundry facility proves to be too costly and too space-consuming, the next best thing is domestic washing using home techniques and equipment.

But the difference between the commercial laundry service process and the home laundry process is huge, and in areas that have a huge impact not only on how clean your linens are but more importantly on how you utilize and manage your linen inventory and how that affects your business overall.

We’ve listed the major differences between a commercial laundry service and domestic washing that could affect your needs:

1. Volume Capacity.

Commercial laundry service providers use industrial-scale machinery that can accommodate larger bulks of linens at once. The weight limit of most large home-use washing machines is maxed out at 12 kilograms of dry linens per load. When you go through more than that in one day, you may need to do more than a single load (or get an extra washer to fill in for the lack) and ultimately take a longer time to do your linens and uniforms than it would have taken to get your linens done by a commercial laundry expert.

2. Equipment.

Industrial washers are not only large, but they are also designed to withstand harder and more thorough stain-removal in a shorter span of time. For instance, washer extractors, which allow for faster extraction of water from the fabrics with less energy used, are common in industrial laundries. Other equipment is designed with special temperature and chemical control settings – like most tunnel washers – that are especially useful for highly crucial linens like those used in the medical industry. Home laundry machines usually just feature simple wash cycles and drying options (heat or tumble).

3. Process.

While the standard operating procedures vary from provider to provider, commercial laundry processes usually begin with a more sophisticated sorting and temperature-controlled pre-wash process. This is especially crucial for hospital linens. Most providers also conduct meticulous pre- and post-wash damage and stain inspections to ensure that everything is accounted for and necessary replacements/repairs are done. In large commercial laundry service facilities, the whole washing process requires very little human intervention with the items going from washing to rinsing to drying in one streamlined, computerized process. In most home laundry processes, the fabrics are handled between washing and drying, often with great difficulty.

4. Cost.

Domestic washing machines can cost anywhere from $250 to upwards of $1000 depending on the sizes and features. Industrial washers and dryers, on the other hand, can cost anywhere between $150,000 and upwards of $450,000.

5. Quality of Cleanliness.

The most important factor that divides the commercial from the domestic is cleanliness. Commercial laundry services use powerful detergents and equipment coupled with best practices in handling used linens for commercial use that are impossible to achieve with small-scale washing processes.

Tritex Laundry Process

While most commercial laundry service providers share similarities in certain aspects, no two service providers are made equal. Some are better than others, especially where customer care, satisfaction, and quality of results are concerned.

Tritex stands out in the commercial laundry service market of the Knoxville area thanks to our years of professional experience and innovative process. We not only specialize in delivering clean and safe linens for businesses, but we also make sure that our services are eco-friendly, convenient, and dedicated to the needs of our customers.

To learn more about how our commercial laundry services could work for you, contact us at 888-761-3238 to speak with our specialists or get a free quote for your business here!