Bare Restaurant Tables: Do Customers Like Them? 

bare restaurant tables

What is lost with bare restaurant tables besides the table linen? Many restaurants are opting for bare tables over table linens. After all, bare tables don’t look bad, and save money on table linens and laundry. Unfortunately…

Bare Restaurant Tables Don’t Impress or Protect

There are also many disadvantages to bare tables. They don’t look as professional as linen-dressed tables do. Additionally, the money you save on linens will have to be put into the extensive cleaning and replacement of your tables. Ultimately, bare tables are more inconvenient than they are cost-efficient.

Customer Perception

The appeal of a restaurant business extends beyond the food it serves. The ambiance is significantly important to customers. Top-notch table linens look nice and professional. They can elevate any dining experience, no matter how casual the foodservice business is.

Additionally, table linens absorb noise. Loud noise that would otherwise bounce off of bare tables is subdued by soft, high-quality table linens. This enhances your restaurant’s ambiance and creates an intimate, comfortable environment. Your patrons can talk to each other comfortably, and they will surely appreciate it!


In today’s challenging times, hygiene is especially important. You may be surprised to learn that bare tables aren’t as hygienic as table linens are. When food stains a tablecloth, all you have to do is throw the dirty linen in the hamper and replace it with a fresh set.

When food stains a bare table, however, you need to put in significant effort to clean it completely before you can seat the next guests. Not only does this slow down your operations, but you’ll have to invest more money into cleaning supplies. 

Increased Costs

The price of cleaning supplies isn’t the only increase your operations will experience. When you don’t cover your tables, they’re exposed to everything. From food stains and drink spills to constant touching by arms and greasy fingertips, your tabletops see it all.

As a result, they wear down faster. If you aren’t protecting your tables, you’ll need to replace them more frequently. Furniture is expensive, so it’s best to preserve your tables for as long as possible. That’s where high-quality table linens come in.

Tritex Services: Your Table Linen Experts

Tritex knows a thing or two about high-quality linen and laundry service. We’ve been in the business since 1989! We offer a wide range of linen products, including tablecloths in a variety of sizes and napkins in a range of colors to match your restaurant’s aesthetics. 

Additionally, our rental service makes getting your linens as convenient and cost-effective as possible. We’ll deliver your linens to you on a schedule that works best for your business. Our contracts and transparent, so you won’t have to worry about hidden fees. Also, our laundry service is safe, clean, and effective. With us, you can focus more on your business and less on linens and laundry.

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